What do you think these 3 songs say about me? Each one is from a girl who I had a little something with?

Heard Kelly Clarkson: Beautiful disaster and it got me thinking of old times. This girl that I liked told me one day this is my theme song. I will never forget her serious face. She then smiled and walked away. Then another girl sent me the song: The Aeroplanes Fly High by Smashing Pumkins. I googled the lyrics and I think its even worse. Its very ambiguous but the last part stands out:
"i'll take my secrets to the grave
safely held beneath the waves
always knew i couldn't save
always knew i couldn't save you"

Then another girl from a while ago in my early 20's, one day we were sitting at the pub (i love a good pub) and the song Colourblind by Counting Crows came on. She stopped talking and said "this line reminds me of you" and that line "I am covered in skin, no one gets to come in" came through. I was like..."O. K" and never thought anything of it... until now.

I lost all 3 of them...

... and all 3 called me "Mr". Memories suck.


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  • its sad i think.

    • I know right. I think I'm so guarded and have missed out on some good things.

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  • I think they are saying you should let people in,