Do any of you have cousins in either side of your family that are old enough to be your parents?

I do. I have one cousin who's in her mid 40s and almost the same age as my mom. How this happened was my cousin's mother (my maternal aunt) is in her mid 60s right now but gave birth to her 45 year old daughter when she was very young. Plus my mom was the baby of her family (the youngest one) who's around 17-19 years younger than her older sister (my 65ish years old aunt).

Anyone here on GAG have older cousins old enough to be your parents?

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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm the oldest of my cousins and siblings. I think my aunts and uncles are all done with kids though so I'm saved from the parental cousin role XD

  • I think the oldest is 30-34 but not as my parents. :p

    I don't consider that old.

    And they are still young at heart.

    They are awesome. 👌👌😎😎

  • Nah. My youngest cousin is only 8 years younger. But my uncle is the same age as me, which is... interesting.

    • I don't know why I jumped to talking about my youngest cousin, except that I'm the oldest. I'm too tired to English . XD

What Guys Said 2

  • Yes I would have - Maybe 20 years older

  • My cousin's eldest son is only 3 years younger than me.

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