Is my mother controlling? Or what is her issue?

I'm still living with my parents for a personal reason. Anyway, my mother always tells me what I can and can't do. When I'm about to leave the house, she will tell me what I should be wearing and then if I don't wear what she would like me to do wear, or do my hair in a specific way she will keep commenting it the whole time. And this of course turns into arguements. We always argue at home as well, her telling me what to do and nagging. We just got into one before about her telling me that I couldn't have a sweet bicsit for breakfast. The other night I had to sleep with her in a spare bedroom and I asked if we could put on the airconditioner and she said no, but that I could pull down the sheets to make it cooler, and then she did it for me a bit later and I told her I was fine. She started yelling at me, saying that I was such hard work and other names. When we're out with other people, it's almost like she doesn't like it when I'm happy with other people. And when she has to do something for me, for example owe me money back, it's like she will purposely get into an argument with me so she can then say 'well I'm not owing you back now, that your acting like this'.


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  • It sounds like she is controlling - Would she be on her own if you left - Maybe she is afraid of that


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  • She is controlling. She sounds jealous of you and afraid of letting you go. You have to put your foot down with her. That you are not merely a dependent of hers, that you are old enough to dress what you like and have your own life as well.

    • Why would she be jealous of me though? I'm her daughter-just can't understand that.

    • she sounds like a lonely lady. why doesn't she like seeing you happy? she seems like she is afraid of letting you go because she'll be alone while you are out enjoying yourself and she is not. that's where i see the jealousy.

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