Little hair dresser predicament help?

So my friend who does my hair extensions goes to a good colorist. I saw the colorist on Instagram. She had a phone and email but I emailed her. She took like five days to get back to me, and she also doesn't live so close to my area. I already found a stylist who was able to take me immediately, and he did a good job. He is also located near my house.

Is it wrong that I went to someone else because the girl took five days to get back to me? I had never been to her before, it was just about a consultation. Should I respond to the email? Maybe tell her thanks I am not ready to do my hair for a few weeks and I'll let her know when I am ready? What would you do?


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  • No that is the nature of business - The customer is always right


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  • You need to respond to her right away so she doesn't travel or pencil you into her schedule. Just say thanks for your time but my situation has changed.

  • it's best to let her know that you won't be needing her service any more

    • Ok well how do I do it in a way to leave the door open? Maybe say thank you, I am not ready to color my hair yet?