Does anyone else think that J Cole is one of the best rappers ( not because of speed. Cause of the lyrics)?

Like look up either his song : apparently, or lost ones. He's a very good writer and I much prefer this kind of rap to something like eminem

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  • He's good, but not even close to be one of the best. Perhaps right now he is top, but because the Rap industry sucks if we compare it with the industry 10+ years ago.
    If we made a list of the top rappers, J. Cole won't be even top 50.


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  • Rap is not my thing.


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  • Speed? Oh god I hope that's not how people are ranking rappers..
    But yeah J Cole is dope as hell man I'd say he'll win a Grammy (though I don't take em seriously) but he's got a shit load of competition this year

  • He is not bad

  • Eminem would eat j Cole.
    I feel like jcole is third vest rapper its Kendrick Drake then j Cole.

    If you wanna vs him agiant some body maybe like dizzy wright. They are like in the same category of rap styles.

    People forget emine. Cause he's been out for 2, long and his style and content changed lyricaly can't be fucked with.