Can you ladies forgive me for posting days ago about if you knew me in person how much money would convince you to go out with me?

I am sorry about posting since I am ugly how much money would convince you to go on a date with me if you knew me in person. Even though I said there would be no sex or kissing, it is still wrong what I said. I guess I was just annoyed how hard it is for an ugly guy like to get a date, but I learned yesterday to just suck it up. I'm sorry about the stupid question.


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  • You're actually pretty attractive so i'm not sure where that came from. Anyway personality has a lot more to do with women going out with you than money does and if a girl cares that much about money then that's not someone that you want to go out with in the first place.

    • Thanks and it's jut that I have been called ugly a lot and yes you are right.

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    • I suppose so and thanks.

    • Most women think I'm ugly but I don't care anymore.

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  • Great man. Awesome work.

    Though i did not read your question, but still its a gesture and a manly thing to accept your fault and correct it.

    So you learnt your lesson and now you will not repeat your same mistakes!.

    TheGrumpyCat forgives you, start more so you need?

  • Apology accepted! haha

  • Wow, clearly I was right to call you a creep.

    • I apologized and yet you are still calling me a creep? Let's see you were an ugly guy. Let's see how you would be in your life.

    • Answer the question? Wth do you call me a creep if I said I am sorry for saying this. Clearly YOU ARE THE CREEP.

  • its ok man. get rich and many gold diggers will open their legs to you!

    • That's right, make money so those high quality dumb sluts will flock all over you, that's an accomplishment.

    • whats better? a tempera-mental bimbo that thinks higher of herself than she is really worth and makes your life a miserable farce, especially after she manipulates you into wearing a ring with her? dumb bimbo sluts all the way!

    • well said.

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