Hundreds of miles apart from my crush and I need to get over him?

Ok I had this huge crush on this boy in my class last year. this year I got his number and found out he moved to a different state over the summer. I kept texting him throughout the year and last week I told him I liked him. By telling him I would hope that I would get over him cause I would never see him again. However he was very sweet about me liking him and said thing like any guy would have the privilege to date you. He also said if it wasn't for the distance he would definitely had dated me. I need to get over him cause long distance will never work out please I really need help with this


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  • u can keep a LDR though... can't u?

    • He doesn't think LDR will work out

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    • I don't know maybe I never thought long distance would work out because of everything in TV shows but for some people it does

    • bascally it works if u communicate daily i believe

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