Do you go to trivial appointments with your SO?

I am not talking about going to the doctor for something major or seeing a lawyer for something big. More along the lines of trivial or personal appointments.

For e. g. getting your bits waxed
having your hair done
taking the car in for an MOT
renewing your passport
picking up a new kettle from the department store

I find this really irritating when you have an appt for something simple or trivial and they have to come along. Or, you go and have your hair done and your stylist's boyfriend is waiting for her. Just annoying !


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  • No I wouldn't be bothered going to them


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  • sometimes he comes with me to get my hair and nails done. I don't know y. but he likes it. haha!

    • Thanks. Do you mind or are you used to it now? Does he have his hair/nails done too?

    • i dont mind. sometimes i like the alone time, but it's nice to have him and then do something right after, ya know.
      he doesn't get his nails done and doesn't get his hair done where i do. he just goes just for the sake of going. hahaha

  • I like that my boyfriend wants to do all these trivial things with me if he has the time. We would like to be around eachother oven of we are doing something that isn't fun

  • My boyfriend always wants to. It is annoying. I just try to keep a balance to make us both happy, so sometimes I'll allow it and sometimes I'll say no.

    • Thanks. Yes, I find it annoying if I just want to get a wax or have a nail appointment and esp, if the salon is full of girls talking about girl stuff.

    • Especially ones like that. I hate being the girl who brings a guy and just changes the atmosphere too. Sometimes I'll tell him meet me outside or something because I just need a girly catch up.
      I hate when you're all just having a nice girly chat then the guy turns up and the conversation just changes or somebody feels awkward with their hair/face looking messed up while they get whatever done.

  • I never have done this.
    He works and I'm currently still a student. No time! haha