Does he like me too?

I'm not sure if he likes me too, if he's just being my boss or if I'm over thinking things.
We always pick at each other (which I normally do with all my friends) when he'd pick back it was always about me being tall, here lately he keeps calling me "short, too short, shorty" and saying "You're not really that tall, you know that right?"
As soon as the other gets to work he starts a conversation with me or at least says my name funny.
He checks out women a lot at first when he would he go "Oh, sorry, it's been a long time." or something very similar to that. Or now he says it's the design of the pants.
He has sugguested on multiple accasions that "when are we going to the bar together" and things like that.
Last week he told me a story about a situation that supposedly happened however, now that I think about it, it doesn't make sense. To make a long story short he asked if he would have been wrong if he had of slept with an employee whom he was the direct manager. (Same as he is with me)
The shift after that one I over heard a female coworker that he's close to say "(His name) look (my name's) pants" He started smiling really big and said "Stop it! Don't start" (They were my normal work pants and there was nothing on them.
The next shift together he vented a lot to me about things bugging him which I didn't mind because I always do the samething. When we tried to enter work the door has a code- instead of putting in the code he jerked the door open. Then the other day as soon as he got work he came to me and said he's quitting and "I figured I better tell (my name) first since we're (___he left it blank, he didn't say anything... friends, or anything)." He went on to say "My words for you are know your worth" (I was ready to cry and he told me a few other things).
Also, before then he had told me places to apply and said "I'm not telling you as your boss I'm telling you as your friend"


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  • I think he likes uou

  • he likes you!

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