Why do many people tell overweight people''just lose weight'' like it is such an easy thing to do?

First of all I AM NOT OVERWEIGHT. I just decided to post this. My best friend who is overweight says it is not easy to lose weight when you don't have motivation. Like people keep talking shit about overweight people, then he won't have motivation to even try to lose weight, since he feels like not even trying cause his self esteem that is low. From time to time I see posts when a guy that is overweight is complaining that he can't get wonen and people post''just lose weight.'' Geez. Overweight women get sympathy though. Double standard.


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  • Thanks for asking this your right its a double standard,
    If you tell an overweight women to lose weight your a jerk
    If you tell a overweight man to lose weight well he deserves
    to hear some criticism. The more I hear I need to lose weight
    the more I don't want to.

    • Yeah. And even though I am not overweight I know it is not easy for people to lose weight if people are talking shit to them, etc.

    • Exactly most skinny people just assume if I start exercising I'm
      just gonna lose weight right away. If it were that easy I'd be
      100+ pounds underweight.

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  • I never thought you were overweight.

    • You are trolling aren't you? I am overweight. I even said that in my additional details. Read everything.

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    • I'm sure it is difficult to lose a lot of weight.

    • Yeah by what other say I can tell it is. Also, it is not easy for someone to lose weight when they are being talked shit on. That is what my best friend says. He is overweight.

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  • It can work the other way too though. Some people can be put down so much that they actually realise the folly of their ways and really do something about it. Or go on an enraged murdering spree, one of the two.

    Life if full of those kinds of double standards though, you're right.

    I have my own controversial views on what should be done about obesity though.

  • I think in fairness from what I see most people would talk about exercise and diet with a person who wrote a post about losing weight regardless of gender.

    • Yes but when someone of either gender complains usually there is no sympathy or little sympathy towards the males that are overweight.

  • I agree. I am skinny - always have been. I eat a terrible diet - my innards must hate me. But still I don't put on weight.

    I'm just extremely lucky, so I have sympathy for people who are not, and always have to watch what they eat and will build fat really easily.

    Anyway, I believe eating disorders are to do with shame, so telling people to "just loose weight" is not really gonna help them deal with the emotions that drive them to binge in the first place.

  • no they need to get started on their 2 yr journey or theyll die early and have a shitty life