I accidentally deleted all of my girlfriend's contacts on her phone ADVICE?

I was helping my girlfriend with her new gmail account because she had been using my gmail to store everything on her phone for the past year. When I was switching the emails I accidentally forgot to backup the data before removing my account. Somehow my account deleted all of her contacts on her phone. I tried everything I could to get all 89 of them back. I tried to restore them to the day before I deleted her account I have tried to see if they were on my cloud or gmail and restore them. I have tried to see if they were backed up on my security app but nothing is working. When I try to reinstall the gmail all it does is put all of my contacts in my phone on her phone. I do not know anything else to do? Is there a way to get all of them back without interferring with the ones on my phone? I am trying to find everything that I can do because I do not want her to find out that I lost all of her irreplacable contacts I don't want her to be mad at me and blame me for deleting her contacts it was a total accident. Advice


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  • Try calling her phone provider or going to one of their stores and see if they know any tricks.


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