Dream about an old crush?

I dreamt about an old crush (I barely knew her it was from a long time a go) she was at work and I came in and gave her a gift to which she fell in love with me then tweeted that I was super sweet and that she liked me. Any thoughts?


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  • You still miss her don't you bro?

    • Not really, Haven't thought about her in almost a year

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    • Yeah I guess your right, also I guess it could be that I thought she was out of my league but recently I feel like she's really not as I've grown as a prrson so maybe its about that

    • Could be. People change over time.

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  • I don't believe that dreams carry any meanings. It just means this person was in your subconscious mind.


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  • Just a distant memory resurfacing for a while, you were probably feeling nostalgic

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