What would your ideal superhero costume look like?

So what sort of costume would you go for? I mean I guess to a degree it might rely on what powers you got.
But id like something like my namesake's bat girl costume with armor padding and full concealment or like a full on cloak, nothing super revealing, cuz I don't wanna give up my identity.
Honestly the new 52 spoiler costume is pretty much perfect. Lol so what would you rock?


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  • Well I have a preference for the color gray for some odd reason. I guess because it represents balance and also reflects my bleak perspective and moody demeanor.


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  • excuse the quality of the photo but im having probles with my mouse... anyway. First of all u need too look good. so that the reason there isn't a lot of armor. so my weapons. when i was in primary school i got a toy, a sun. so i used to spin it and thought to myself that its rays would be dangerous if they were not soft lel. so my weapon would be sun with metal rays which would be blades. also around waist i would have blades. so when i would spin no one would be able to come close to me... at least not alive hehe.
    A sketch: https://prntscr.com/7l8vbv

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