2 questions for Faroe Islanders?

1. Is it true that during WWII British soldiers gave you chocolate in exchange for lighters and and Norwegians gave nothing (just took the lighter) and because of that you dislike Norwegians?

2. Do you really leave your doors unlocked? Is that safe? Do people walk in?


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  • difficult 2 find some1 from FI here... but #2 is definetely false no matter where u live... some1 must b crazy 2 leave his door unlocked in our days o_O

    • That's actually wrong. I live in Switzerland and I leave my door unlocked sometimes when I go out for just an hour or so. It's very safe here. In fact, for Americans (or Brits too I guess) it's almost unimaginably safe. I went shopping with my girlfriend a few days ago. When we were done shopping in that mall, we decided that we wanted to go to another store because we needed some stuff that they sell only there. Because we didn't want to carry the heavy bags all the way to that store and back again, I just put everything we had bought in the basked of my bicycle. My girlfriend who is Korean was shocked and asked: "What are you doing? Are you serious? You can't just leave this stuff here! This is worth about 80 Franks (approx. 55 pounds)! There are so many people around here (it was right in front of the store)!" I was amused and just said: "Don't worry, nothing will happen". My girlfriend couldn't believe it and said again: "Of course it will! Somebody will pass by and take our

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    • so a poor swiss guy might b rich in US? whoa pretty kewl o_O

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  • i dont leave my door unlocked ever.

    • Are you from Faroe Islands?

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