If I want to stay/visit U. S. A. will you as friends Invite Me to America?

living in america and having a family of my own there is my unfulfilled dream. I want to live onamerican soil with my son as a legal citizen. but I know the reality as well that now only rich and very highly educated can just go there and stay. I got valid passport. is it possible my dream of being American citizen be full filled. I am ready for any work or thing to do to be legally in america with my minor son.


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  • It isn't just the rich and highly educated who can come live in the USA. There's such a thing as the visa lottery. Call your country's US embassy and ask about it. :)

    • Dude, shhhhh the less people that know about the lottery, the more chances I have of winning it.

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    • well India is ineligible country for us lottery sadly

    • I'm sorry to learn that, I had no idea.

      You may have already done this but perhaps you should still get in touch with the embassy or your local consulate. They may have some options. Good luck to you. :)