How bad is a school detention?

At summer school I couldnt serve my lunch detention and was Had said there's no make up dates. and Tomorrow my teacher checks to see if students served it. The referral says no show results in a Saturday detention. I already have an upcoming Saturday school so would that mean I don't have another one and just serve my original one?


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  • be prepared for the next detention :P

    • Wait do You mean I would have to go another Saturday also? Or just this weeks?

    • And I'm confused How's she gonna write me up another Saturday school since I already have one. And will she really have another referral. I'm wondering if I will get a copy of the rules.

    • maybe she's very cruel :P

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  • Not that bad depending on your school... you might just get bored

    • So most likely my teacher will have to write me up another detention? It's a 4 hour but did you also mean I wouldn't have another detention?

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    • I suggest you don't flip out and ask a teacher at your school... because all schools are different^~^

    • I'm not gonna flip out but I'm just confused on how to ask. I'm gonna do the right thing and serve my detention. there was the option of serving a couple after school detentions ( 3 hours each) but should I just tell her than I want to do 2 Saturday schools instead?

  • It's not a big deal. Detentions don't mean anything


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