Instagram. I needddd help?

Ok so long story short , my friend was stalking this one guy on ig using my account. Turns out It's someone I know and I dont follow him. I blocked him right away after unliking and changed my username and pic. I freaked out because I used to have a crush on him and I didn't wAnt him to think im a creep or something soo.. i know people get push notifications on their phone once they get a follow or like on ig. I've gotten notifications before of someone following me then they quickly unfollow me. Is there a way he still would get that push notification on his phone by the time he wakes up or is it gone?


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  • Nope dont worry :)

    • Regardless I'm not changing my name back until a couple of hours pass, haha thanks for the feedback.

    • Lol dont worry :p

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  • I don't believe you're 18


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