Are the vast majority of women very overly sensitive to the point of not being able to handle honest mistakes and opinions from men?

I'm just wondering right now. God forbid you accidently slip out a remark about a woman's age by how she appears. It's impossible to say ask how a woman's doing, giving her an honest remark about how she's currently looking such as telling her that she looks exhausted without her throwing a bitch fit about it and then jump to the conclusion that I'm implying that she looks like shit, believing that I'm using the word "exhausted" in a negative connotation. Even older women in their 30s and 40s lack the certain amount of maturity to keep their emotions stable.

In all honesty, I don't know how the hell the majority of other men are able to put up with trying so hard not to hurt their feelings. It's not like my intentions were to ever offend anyone but just speak a small part of my mind.

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  • Women are sensitive to certain things such as appearance, age and how you talk to them.

    Men are sensitive to certain things such as penis size, sexual confidence, respect in regards to our jobs and income or doubts in our ability to do regular manly things (fixing, problem solving or lifting something).

    So women are mindful of these things, we should be mindful of what makes them sensitive.

    I'm over generalizing but come on man, it's very easy not to piss them off.

    "honesty" can often times be characterized as being a cunt, dick or asshole. It's not what you say but how you say it.

    • Well, I never really cared about my penis size or what other people think of my lifestyle, as long as they leave me in peace and let me live my life normally. Maybe I'm just the only man or human being who has no insecurities like the rest of the other human population.

    • "Maybe I'm just the only man or human being who has no insecurities like the rest of the other human population."

      - Surely you have feelings and sensitivities but is it that un-imaginable what i listed as possible insecurities of women and men above? If you generally stay away from the above topics when socializing.. you'll be golden. Every person will have their extreme//abnormal things they're sensitive about but.. that is for them to know and others to learn as they develop friendships/relationships.

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  • I have no idea where up are meeting these people. As that typical saying the truth hurts! But I love brutal honesty. Just as I give it to all the folks in my life.


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  • You're just mad womyn aren't afraid to call men on misogynistic behavior anymore.

  • It's called female hysteria and in the olden days doctors remedied it with a vaginal massage.

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