Do you think if you like someone, you'll overlook any major red flags despite warnings?

I was talking about this with a friend and we were saying that sometimes when you like a girl or guy that if you find them very physically attractive and have common interests on top of it, that you'll look past any major red flags if they're are any.

And by red flags, I mean real issues. Not minor stuff like if they get annoying at times, appearance, different interests, etc. For me, I dated a girl who was on the rebound and would send nudes to me to keep my attention, and just boast about her sex life very early on and demand to hear about mine.

As far as her being on the rebound, I was very naive about it at the time. Like I knew she was newly single and complaining about her ex, that she's now back with, and felt bad for her. And with her coming on very strong, I was real ly excited that someone who had a lot of common interests and a great appearance would want me that bad. I also had friends get into relationships shortly after breakups and didn't think much of it. But one sign that I overlooked that I shouldn't have is when she asked me to make fun of her ex for his babydick in case we ran into him. This girl was also very manipulative. Shed be begging me to talk while I was out with friends and going to bed but when I showed interest back, she'd act like I was being clingy which was bullshit. She was so unstable.

She also sent me nudes before meeting me in person. I gave her the benefit of the doubt because she didn't do it right on the bat but a few months after we talked. After she ditched me, I saw pics of her half naked and fully naked that I stumbled upon on reddit so basically she does it to everyone and has no self respect. Funny part is she claims to be a feminist and complained about other pof guys sending her dick pics and dirty messages.

There were other factors involved too. I had a a nearly year long dry spell where the girls I liked didn't like me back and vice versa and she wa


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  • nope not at all.
    if u really like some1 then u cna accept red flags by some degree... u must b crazy as well 2 like some1 who has major flaws like... find fascination by hurtin other people for x-ample

    • Fascination by hurting others? In which ways?

    • some people do... they r sadists u know. like causin pain without any reason at all