Which gender do you think pulls?

the gender card more (whether it's in favor of their own gender or just irrationally sticking up for the opposite sex), men, women or both equally?

In my own experience, I'd say both (especially American men and women) constantly pull the gender card but in favor of the female gender whenever a woman got herself into serious conflicts or things that men most likely get themselves into. However, since men have more political power, they (especially old school White-American men) are responsible for the vast majority of the double standards against their own gender.

Women in America often complain about how much "oppression" that they've faced just because we still don't allow them to fight in frontline combat (infantry) for the military or that the majority of society can accept the fact that men on average wil always be more physically stronger than women, therefore, refusing inter-gender fighting sports competition (at world class level) and even refusing to fantasize about it or still never having a female president of the US yet or whatever it is that they like to complain about. It's funny because there are a gazillions of self-defense classes made strictly for women in the US and gazillions of shelter homes made strictly for female domestic abuse and r@pe victims while there is no such things ever made for male victims in the so-called "greatest country"(*cough* USA).

A lot of American men also "white knight" for the women who get butthurt when most other people still agree that a woman can't compete with men in the same sport division (gender, weight classes), yet if a man accepts a woman's challenge for a competitive fight (for example, MMA or boxing), then he's automatically deemed an "ungentlemanly woman beater" by both genders in America.

Sorry for the rant but it seems to be only in America where the double stardards are just stupid with no purpose but to not hurt women's ego. Then again, I guess that's just th

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  • Both do but in favor of the male gender
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  • Both do but in favor of the female gender
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  • Both do strictly for their own genders.
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  • Neither but I still think these double standards are retarded and serves no true purpose.
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  • Neither. I actually agree with some of the gender double standards that exists.
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*I guess that's just the good ole US of A in a nutshell.*


Most Helpful Guy

  • I've actually seen so many men pull the gender card, it strikes me as funny because I think I'd see more women, however, every time a woman has brought up something gender related... it's true. So. Yeah, I think men do more of the gender card , if you're talking about them pulling it when it's not even true or just kind of whiny.

    • Not really. Plenty of women pull the gender card but for different purposes. They pull the gender to responsiblities of their own actions, choices and actions. They also like to play victim card when things don't go their way.

    • Well, I'm simply talking about my experiences--online, personally, through second hand accounts, and in the media. I'm not saying women never do, but what I can say very definitely is that what I see most often--more than men claiming to be the victim, or women claiming to be the victim, is men, claiming that women claim to be victims.

      So the most I see is actually men blaming women.
      In my experience, women who bring up legitimate issues are typically countered with something along the lines of "but that's not real", or really any argument that doesn't address the actual issue she spoke of, but telling her it's in her head, she needs to be the victim because she's a woman, etc.
      Like treating an entire gender--an entire sex, even--like an immature child when there are legitimate concerns about the way genders are treated. That is what irks me. If you don't mind, though, I'm not going [probably] to reply to another comment of yours until tomorrow, if you'd like to continue debating.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Women cry for equality they already fucking have.

    • Women don't have that much equality. Women are paid less, have less benefits, and generally pay more for products.

    • Women get an advantage in the legal system when it comes to murder, child custody, and have more homeless shelters. Oh no... they pay more for products... poor things. Domestic abuse shelters/safe places for men are rare to non existent in most cities. Just stop.
      Also the wage gap is a myth... those studies don't take into account the fact that men take on positions of higher risk (which DO in fact get paid more) and the general censes for wages is skewed as the result of this. Thanks, bye.

  • I think girls do. Hate to say it though


What Guys Said 6

  • I think both genders equally use the gender card for themselves and the other gender.

  • 50/50 i'd say mostly

  • Woman pulling the gender card: I can't lift those heavy boxes, I'm a woman!

    Man pulling the gender card: I can lift those heavy boxes, I'm a man!

    • I wonder how American women from the South are like compared to their Northern and Western (California) counterparts.

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    • Well for me, a woman doens't necessarily have to be submissive but at least mutual with me. I don't want to her to be bossy and then constantly start stupid quarrels with me and then pull the "You can't do this to me, I'm a girl!" card. I guess you could say women with these type of attitudes would never survive the real world outside of a PC country along with it's sheeps trying to protect them from danger that is most likely their own fault.

    • I've been overseas and you're right, these sissy American women can't handle it.

  • Definitely that one dude

  • Women have the gender card ready at all times

    • Yeah but it seems to be mostly American women who pull the gender card the most while the American men are just too much of a bunch of sellouts (who'd even stab their own male friends in the back just to impress other women) that stick up for the double standards against their own genders. That's kinda the reason why I've lost some of my respect for Americans (especially White-Americans) in general.

  • well that's pretty unanimous...