CALLING ALL SINGLE MEN WHO WANT TO DATE: Have you seen the movie Hitch? Women: If you've seen the movie, do you agree that it would help some guys?

That movie has some great points and pick up lines that you could utilize in your dating game.

For instance, I watched the seen of Hitch placing money into a woman's hand who was in a group of men and talked to her as if she was a bartender. She chased after him to correct his mistake and he said, "I knew you weren't a bartender. How else was I supposed to get you away from those guys?"

Clever. I would have chased after that guy (some women would have kept the money so... lol... be careful).

He also states something true: Don't be who you aren't. If you're shy, find a way to utilize that to get dates.

It's a great movie. :D


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  • Definitely, I love that movie. Confidence is the key


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  • I have heard of movie but haven't seen it - I believe in being yourself and if you pretend to be anything else, you take away from that.

  • "He also states something true: Don't be who you aren't. If you're shy, find a way to utilize that to get dates."

    I don't think that's true, certainly guys can get dates despite being shy, but I can't see shyness working in a guy's favour - being less shy would make it easier for him.

    I think the whole "be yourself" thing is a bit naive, some people just aren't appealing the way they are and need to change if they expect get anywhere.

    So you think pick up lines are worth using? And that men devise (sometimes elaborate) schemes to trick women in to dating them?

    • It most certainly can. There are ways to get around that or even use it to your advantage. If a lot of introverts/shy people read "Quiet: The Power of Introverts", they'd know what to do.

      Besides, a shy guy can simply ask one of his friends to see if a woman is interested in him. I don't consider that cowardice.

      People should be themselves, but they should utilize their strengths. Changing yourself to be someone you're not is a lie and it won't be respected when the woman finds out who you truly are. She might likely leave you. Ever heard of "Why have you changed?"

      Pick up lines work on some women, it depends on how clever it is I think. And that "scheme" that Hitch did with the money was brilliant. He TOLD the woman what he did--didn't manipulate her. The part where he had the dog run out of the elevator was manipulation and I don't agree with that.

    • "Besides, a shy guy can simply ask one of his friends to see if a woman is interested in him. I don't consider that cowardice."

      I'm not suggesting shy guys are cowards, just that they're disadvantaged. Shyness is something to be overcome or worked around, it's not useful.

      If a guys an overweight misogynist who only eats pizza, never exercises and lives in his mum's spare room I think it makes sense to change - get healthy and get out of the house, do something, and work on not being a misogynist.

      Oh so you only support some of Hitch?

    • Of course they are. But I think it's they who limit themselves. It's not that they lack confidence (a lot of them). It's just that their shyness keeps them at bay. Finding a way around it or even forcing themselves to go up to a woman isn't changing who they are... they're still shy.

      I don't know though. I haven't been with a shy guy and wouldn't know if he existed unless if I was told.

      That's completely different. I don't know many women who would want a guy like that. The "not change" part is usually for guys who aren't in such bad shape---"good" guys who just feel like they have to become more of an asshole to get a woman's attention. It works for some but it's a bad way to go.

      Yes, I only support some of Hitch. The lone woman who answered this question made me think of some of his tactics. It's nice and helpful, but I wouldn't propose doing that to a woman. I wouldn't ever do that to a guy.

  • Were I live 90% of the girls good or bad would've kept the money LMAO


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  • I have mixed feelings about it. Granted I did see the movie many many many years ago and don't remember the details. But I feel like all that is is playing games and I don't like that. I feel like it's almost a trick

    • He does do some things that I don't agree with. Like the girl's dog ran out of the elevator and the nerdy guy takes the dog from Hitch. He sets up a fake accident scene where he almost gets hit so OF COURSE the woman is so happy that this stranger risked his life for her dog so they date... haha. That was manipulative.

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