Is it true that a girl is interested in you only if she's the one asking you out?

For example, asking you to a school dance.

The argument could be that, well, she's just not playing games or whatever and she knows he likes her

But I'm asking in the sense of, she doesn't know if he likes her. So, is a girl only interested in a guy IF she's asking him out? Even if it's just for a cup of coffee?


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  • Why would that be true in only that instance? Common sense says there are many other scenarios in which she could be interested and not ask you out. She might even be SHY and shy people rarely approach is the general thought.

    If she doesn't know if he likes her, many girls aren't going to risk rejection by asking him out.

    • So to the guy that says "she ain't interested"

    • Some guys may think that... and that's how dating is. Trial and error. But not all guys will think that. There are different variables that might play out in the situation. What if one of her best friends told him she was interested without her knowing? You have to think in a wide range of situations.

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  • Sounds like she likes him

  • More than likely, yes..
    I haven't ever been asked out before, if I did I'd probably yes to whoever.. It would be nice to be on the receiving end of the date. Rather than being turned down.