My ranking of the GOP candidates, what do you think?

Here is my ranking of the GOP candidates, do you agree?
1 Ben Carson
2 Rand Paul
3 George Pataki
4 Mike Huckabee
5 Lindsey Graham
6 Chris Christie
7 Jeb Bush
8 Ted Cruz
9 Bobby Jindal
10 Rick Santorum
11 Marco Rubio
12 Rick Perry
13 Scott Walker
14 Carly Fiorina
15 John Kasich
16 Donald Trump


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  • Well, I agree with your placement of Donald Trump... I don't know I'm mostly waiting for them to weed themselves out before I bother learning names or platforms. At least they're helping keep FoxNews busy with not hating people so that's always helpful.


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  • Literally looks like you picked them out of a hat. First two make some sense. . . then Pataki?

    • Why does it look like I picked them out of a hat?

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    • It is in the order of likely hood of winning.

    • :) Your top candidates would be delighted to hear that, and, I think, not a little surprised. :)

  • Well the first two make sense but then it kind of gets random, but we all have our views I suppose, nothing wrong with that.

    • How does it get random?

    • I guess it just looks random from my point of view since I see some candidates that are better then others but lower rank. As I said though we each have our personal views.

    • Still you got the top best on the top two slots so that's what matters.

  • Well Trump at the bottom after his disgraceful TV appearance

  • My ranking is:
    1. Ted Cruz;
    2. Rand Paul;
    3. Sarah Palin;
    4. Rick Perry;
    5. Bobby Jindal;
    6. Scott Walker;
    7. Marco Rubio.
    Others just no.
    Actually I support the Constitution Party more, but I know it is impossible for it to win the election.

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