Do ladies want Masculine men or Feminine men? Physical and Personality?

Masculine physical traits:
- Tall
- Muscular
- Handsome (strong facial fetures)
- Large hands/feet
- Tan (Men have slightly darker skin tones than women, not saying pale isn't masculine, tan is just percieved subconciously more so)
- Dark hair/hair eyse (same as above)

Feminine physical traits:
- Short
- Skinny
- Pretty (softer facial fetures)
- Small hands/feet
- Pale
- Light hair/eyes

Masculine personality traits:
- Assertive
- Confident
- Tough
- Stoic

Feminine personalty traits:
- Submissive
- Shy
- Weak
- Emotional

I realize these are absolutes and there are areas inbetween, just choose which one most closly represesnts your ideal.

  • Masculine physical, Masculine personality
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  • Masculine physical, Feminine personality
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  • Feminine physical, Masculine personality
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  • Feminine physical, Feminine personality
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  • I am not attracted to feminine men, at all.


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  • A little of both. I don't like too maculine or too feminine. I'd say like 80% masculine, 20% feminine.
    Physically I like:
    - Tall or Average height
    - Large hands
    - Dark hair/hair eyes
    - Only a bit muscular or normal
    - Pale

    - Assertive
    - Confident
    - Tough
    - A bit of shyness is cute
    - A bit emotional is cute as well, not toooooo much though.

  • Scientifically, women are attracted to feminine men usually and masculine men during ovulation. Basically feminine men are more likely to be loyal and good fathers, while masculine men have better genes but don't stick around.

    Modern morality stop us from cheating, but our ancestors sure are devious.

    (The experiment was done by having men wear shirts and asking women which smelt like a more attractive mate during different times of her cycle without seeing the owners of the shirts

    • So have sex with the masculine men and marry the feminine ones?

    • During caveman times yes, now people just try to find a balance... Well I guess it depends on your self control, guess where a lot of the single moms come from

    • But yes, casual masculine men and marry feminine ones

  • I want a masculine man that isn't more feminine than me. I want him to be tough because I'm pretty mean I need someone that can handle my craziness. Because guys that cry aren't attractive to me at least not crying over dumb things

  • I like men who are masculine both physically and emotionally, but not to the point where they're arrogant.

  • I like everything on feminine but the short.

  • I don't think you can put personality traits into categories of feminine or masculine. I'm not very emotional for example, nor very social as you would expect of the average woman. A very dominant personality in a partner would be something that would make me reconsider the relationship, I don't like to be controlled and value my independency.

    As for physical features I do find high cheekbones attractive (in both genders, I'm straigh however). Muscles are not particularly interesting to me, neither is a tan. I would like my partner to be taller than me, just as many girls do.


What Guys Said 3

  • I don't think it can be charted like that - Each individual woman has her own unique tastes

  • Based on that definition, someone with a 'feminine' personally cannot even stand on their own feet, lol.

    • ... *personality

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    • Aggression and it's related traits persist in male biology because it gave an evolutionary advantage, allowed us to fight and survive the dangers of the world. The positive perception of it is partly hard wired into our brains because of its evolutionary value. Masculine traits built Human civilization and conquered the world.

      Only idiots say you have to be 100% masculine or feminine, but to deny the biological inclination is to proclaim ignorance of the subject. It's nothing like a religion and western society is far more accepting of deviants than anything before it. Even to the point of sometimes demonizing the norm. You only need to look at that childish 'privilege' shaming campaign that's all over the internet.

      If you're smart enough to deconstruct the bullshit that is religion, you have to be smart enough to deconstruct the 'society is to blame for everything' bullshit. But don't take my word for it, do a lot of research on evolutionary psychology and sexual dimorphism.

    • Society is to blame for conceptualization. Femininity and masculinity are conceptual descriptions of certain elements of behavior. They should not be seen as either "good or bad", nor should there even be such a polar distinction between the two of them, but here we are. All religions have their extremists, and those that call other males "effeminate sissies" for not matching what they think is ideal are the perfect example of that in this regard.

      I never claimed there is absolutely no difference between males and females (well that is not true, but I admit that is an extreme and unrealistic assumption), but that doesn't mean the societal importance given to the distinction between what society sees as manly or womanly is for anyone's benefit and growth to be a better being.

  • It depends on the woman, but most women seem to prefer men with a masculine personality and looks.