Did Gag make changes to MH percentages or is it just me?

I started with a 11% MH level and now it's 9%
Did something happen to MH percentages that I'm unaware of or?

I have been getting MH for opinions lately and it hasn't moved! I know that the more opinions you give it kind of out weighs that but I've gotten, I don't know 11 MH and it's still on 9%?



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  • You've answered more questions since it was 11% and the percentage went lower. Even tho you've been getting MHO a lot lately, you still need 6 more to get to 10%, since you've answered 773 questions so far. Nothing changed! :)

    • Yeah, I was thinking maybe the opinions I have given have outweighed my MH percentage level. But damn I miss seeing my 11% level on my profile LOOOL only because 11 is my favourite number i was like "CHHHYEAHHHH!!!" Every time I saw it now it's like "ohhh πŸ˜”" haha

    • I know! But it's not easy to get that high as you answer more and more questions. Thanks for MHO! :P

    • Thank you for helping and you're welcome ☺️

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  • It tends to drop as you give more opinions - You need more to hold your percentage up

  • Chicks and Maths... :)


  • gag hates youπŸ˜‚ if you will ve more kind, they will give your mho back

    • What did I ever do to you GAGGGGG! 😰😭 I know, not feeling the love lol

    • you have to earn respect to be loved haha

  • Yeah they have reduced mine from 6% to 4% too. πŸ˜­πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜”

    • I was happy with my 11% only because the number 11 is my favourite number lol

    • But I don't care about MHO now, since I am losing my interest in GAG..

  • same here from 8 its been to 3


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  • From the FAQ: "MHO % (found on your profile page) reflects how many times you've been awarded Most Helpful on Questions with a MHO.
    For example, if you shared 100 Opinions on 100 Questions (for which MHOs have been selected by the askers) and you were selected for 50 of those Opinions, your MHO % would be 50% (50 out of 100)."

    You can check on your profile to see the number of opinions you've posted and the number of MHO you've been awarded to calculate if it makes sense.

    The more questions you answer, the more difficult it becomes to alter your MHO percentage, as each MHO awarded will make up smaller percentage of the total questions you've answered.

    • Mmm I'm going to go check that! Thank you

    • Your profile says:

      "Most Helpful
      71 out of 773

      Under that, you should be able to check the total number of opinions you've posted, which is probably more than 773. Any difference there would be because some of the questions you've answered may not have MHO selected yet (so they are not included in the MHO calculation).

    • Yeah I've done about 1324 to be exact lol

  • You do know how a percentage works don't you? You can't change how it works.

    • Yes I do. It has been sitting at 9% for several days now even though being selected for MH has increased its still 9%

    • Yes, but how many comments have you made that didn't get mho? You can look at the stats on your profile, how many comments and how many mho's. It hasn't changed.

  • Umm wouldn't the more questions you answer make it go down? Now you have me confused too lol

    • Lol ok girlie hear me out. I had 11% when I first started and it dropped down to 9%. I know the more questions you answer that you don't get MH to the % goes lower, but I have been receiving MH for a while now and it's still sitting at 9%

    • lol, hmm maybe it hasn't updated yet? you know how it takes like a day or so for it to update your xper points? or has it been happening for days?

  • What are the numbers? 11 mho/ what? That's probably what's harken your just answering a lot