Could you take pc case with you when travelling by plane?

Hi guys.
I will be flying to england next week and the company is thomas cook airlines.. I have already paid for 1st luggage and the next ones will be charged.. But i was wondering if it is possible or if i am allowed to have 2 luggages (1 for my clothes and other for my pc case), do they allow it or i have to apply for something? thanks in advance


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  • I am pretty sure you can. I flew with someone. We were able to take my purse, our laptop and our carry-on luggage. It does help if your luggage has a strap where you can attach your PC to it. It then becomes one. That's what we did. You can always call the particular airline that you are using to ask them. Each airline may have a different set of rules for their security measures.


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  • Usually you're only allowed to have one carry on bag within a certain size, and everything else has to be checked into cargo. You should really call the airline.


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  • depends, but as cabin luggage you can't. But as regular luggage, you can usually upgrade to two collies. Not 100% sure about that airline.
    And keep in mind that a big tower (pc case) can weight A LOT. Though... don't see how you can pass the max limit.

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