How to have self control?

I lack it so bad. I have none. How do I get some?


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  • Do you lack self control in general? Or more specifically like bad habits/addictions

    • 1) I love stealing food.
      2) I bite my nails a lot,

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    • Then your anxiety isn't as severe as you think it is. Maybe it's mild, in which case that can be dealt with. Exercise/sex can reduce stress, and I heard so can drinking tea. Or you should see a psychologist yourself if you think it's that bad

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  • Well u can try setting up alarms or check points for yourself
    like im really bad with money so what i do is i dont let myself check my balance and always send my brother to do it and he always divides it by 10 before letting me know so i feel like im broke when im out spending and spend carefully

    • That seems like a great idea.

  • Mine is usually very good

  • U get it in a store just few blocks away from your place... just go to the shop ask for some self control...-_-
    But on a serious note it depends on how u take things and how u manage yourself.


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