80s music poll: Favorite album by Jona Lewie/Buggles/Korgis/James Warren?

Jona Lewie is a multi-instrumentalist mostly known for his single “Stop The Cavalry” which is a classic new-wave song in many related new-wave stations. His album “Heart Skips Beat” sounds kinda “weird” truth’s…but not in a bad way. 80s new wave wid some “50s-60s touch” somehow.

Buggles were another new-wave band mostly known for their song “Video Killed The Radio Star”, and of course both their albums were awesome!

Korgis were another similar soundin band, but less successful than Buggles, and mostly known for their song “Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime”... which’s a pop-ballad, unlike band’s new-wave style. Singer James Warren also released a solo-album during da 80s. Fav album would b “Dumb Waiters” and also their 1979 debut, which isn’t mentioned though.

  • Gatecrasher (Jona Lewie)
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  • Heart Skips Beat (Jona Lewie)
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  • The Age Of Plastic (The Buggles)
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  • Adventures In Modern Recording (The Buggles)
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  • Dumb Waiters (The Korgis)
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  • Sticky George (The Korgis)
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  • Burning Questions (James Warren)
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  • I actually looked some of them up xD Still not my thing.

    • Which one? If u looked Jona Lewie 4 x-ample i doubt u'd like it.. his sound's very inaccessible for da main 5listener

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