Five unpopular opinions?

what's your five most unpopular opinions?:

- People who complain about the Confederate flag are pussies

- It's fine for people to cheat if they need to

- Fast food should be banned, and the penalty should be public stocks for eating them

- It should be acceptable to use violence to solve disputes

- Convicted rapists, murderers should be hung, drawn and quartered... going literally medieval on them.


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  • Poo, lemme think a minute. What unpopular opinions do I hold? Lol, they're probably all about animals.

    -Not having the guts to kill your own lamb or cow or pig or chicken because they're cute, but having the jaw strength to chew em up makes you chicken shit and full of it.

    -I don't accept the concept of a soul. Every person has a unique personality based off their memories and the connections made in their brains as they develop and experience life. But do I think we all have this essence ball or whatever, no.

    -If you know about the horrors that occur to animals in CAFO's/Factory Farms and feel bad because you also know they are curious, intelligent, feel pain, feel distress, and have unique personalities, and you continue to eat meat and do nothing to end inhuman practices, then you are... I don't have the time to write all the negative things I think of you. Because a snack is worth more than a highly developed animal's life to you.

    -If you start smoking for your own pleasure (after the whole surgeon general's warnings cam out) then you're really really asking for whatever health issues come your way.

    -If you don't care about the environment then you're a moron

    -If you eat Nutella and/or Oreos then you need to understand how YOU directly contribute to deforestation and the death/habitat loss of orangutans (all about that cheap palm oil)

    Ooh, I went over 5. My views are unpopular, yasss. Basically, I think it's disgusting to not give 2 shits or have the will power to avoid things that directly hurt you and other beings. Also, souls ain't real.


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  • - revenge should be legallized
    - all abused children should end up in the welfare system
    - doctors should make 1/3 what they are getting paid now and people should hire more doctors meaning lower the standard of admittance into medical school
    - psychiatric problems should be cured with prayer and not treated with medication
    - unjust psychiatrists or judges should be executed
    - we should outsource unrighteous criminals to india so they can get their hands and heads chopped off instead of going to a comfortable prison here in Canada

  • People who post anon?


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  • 1. I have less respect for those who are not fit.
    2. Guns should be banned but you should be able to challenge someone to a fist fight without any legal ramifications (assuming both parties consent)
    3. People who don't actively contribute to society r worthless (don't find a job, work to further education, live with hospitality n kindness)
    4. Our education system is shit
    5. Fuck Religion.

  • 1) Rapists and pedophiles are a lot worse than murderers.
    2) Honesty is hardly the best policy. Secrecy is far safer, and lying is just more fun!
    3) Fifty Shades of Grey is porn. It's just in book format and has a crappy plot so people can argue that it's literature and by extension classy.
    4) 2001: A Space Odyssey is the most obnoxiously pretentious film I have ever seen. Its only redeeming quality was its insight into future technologies.
    5) Kneel before Zod.

  • People in prison should be able to carry firearms

    • i don't see why that's so bad.

    • Me either! 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪💣💣💣💣💣

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