Should I talk to my "guy friend" when I go back to school next year?

Ok, so we were in middle school but we got out for the Summer and next year we'll be going to a different school. Anyways, I don't think I should talk to my guy friend because I felt like he was playing with my emotions. Like he will be mad and take it out on me for no reason. We had 2 arguments over stupid things, but he was the first one to start them and they were both over the same thing. He would get mad just because my book was slightly on my desk and he would push them off of his desk rudely. Whenever we argue, he wants to smile like an idiot like arguing with me is funny to him. Days later, for some reason he started acting nice to me and I thought it was strange. He use to ask me questions that he never asked me before like what is my favorite color or what movies I like to watch. He use to check me out and smile at me or tap me on the shoulder or randomly call my name, stare at me while I'm eating or just regular staring. But he still use to me mean to me often. He teased me about how short I was compared to him. I just don't want to be friends with him if he's going to play with my emotions. By the way, he use to go out with my bestfriend and they broke up and I had found out that he was only dating her because his friend wanted him to have a girlfriend then my bestfriend was crying because of that and he acted like he didn't care (he was such a jerk). So, should I talk to my "guy friend" next year?


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  • Yeah you should.