WHY and HOW are Smartphone Graphics so close to Laptop graphics cards and consoles?

I want to buy a good gaming laptop and something I noticed is there are graphics cards making leaps and bounds on phones that are competing with laptops, consoles and even PC's.

HOW is this possible when smartphones are... so small, no real cooling system like a laptop or PC and are much cheaper?

It seems counter intuitive... shouldn't laptops graphically be leaps and bounds better... why is there no expodential growth in the same way?


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  • Because It doesn't take that much GPU to power a 3-4 inch screen on a java type game same goes for the CPU chip within a phone. Heck they've been developing that stuff for years just to get to this point so #ThatsWhyImGuessing

    I mean anybody can make a java type game that is playable on a phone now lets see them do that crap with a real game like BF3... don't get me started on BF4 #NoPhoneCouldHandleThat

    I agree with you though and for what it is, its a big step up from what they once were way back when. Same can be said for the tech that they have nowadays on desktop computers when it comes to being able to handle what they couldn't 4-8 years ago.

    Desktop > laptop and phones in that order when it comes to gaming power no matter how you want to cut it LOL


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  • I don't get it either.


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  • Smartphones are relatively new so they can keep increasing their specs rapidly every new model, because they keep coming up with new ideas. Eventually (I've been seeing it already) they will plateau in their development and barely make improvements in each new model.
    Computers have already reached that point in recent years I guess. And they are still more powerful because they have more going on, and a bigger screen, etc.