How far can $6000 dollars get 18 people?

I just graduated grade seven, and I'm going into high school next year, and I'm thinking of fundraising for my grad trip from high school right away, apparently the students have to plan their own trip, and I planned a fun day for the last day of school. So it shouldn't be hard. But, I just need some suggestions for where to go and the approximate prices for the trip. Although, I don't think everyone will make it through high school, as they may fail. Where to go? Theory is, for the fun day I raised 177 dollars from 8 different baked goods. If I have a bigger bake sale thrice a year, for five years then I should make about $6000 CAD, so what's the best luxury hotel that can fit 18? I don't know.


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  • Sounds like a fun weekend, $6000 is a lot of money but split it up 18 ways and it's a little bit more than $600 for you.

    Sounds like you could go away for the weekend and have a blast doing whatever you wanted basically.

    • My mother says different, but I agree.

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    • Haha, you can always go somewhere just by yourself too

    • Haha, yeah. And it's not like I am going to plan it all by myself either

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  • Wait till you get to the school and form a committee, don't take on all the hard work yourself, spread the load.

  • By the time you graduate HS so much will have changed:
    *-your own priorities
    *-all prices
    *-the possibilities
    *-the number of people you want with you

    Thus you can't plan in advance

  • 300 per person can get a decent road trip out of it. Use a bus and then you can dine at some great places and see a sporting event with some nightly entertainment as well.

  • 6k lol strip club dude, strip club. or go to Colorado and smoke weed.

    • I know how to say NO to drugs, because NO has been my favourite word for the past year. Also, there will be GIRLS with us, and it'd be messed up if we went to a strip club with the girls.

    • then go on a cruise and fuck a duck

    • Yep, advice from a wise man