Five nights at freddy's?

Five nights at freddy's is a popular horror game, which is going to be made into a movie.
The Five Nights at Freddy's series puts you in the role of a security guard that keeps watch at night at a local pizza place. Your goal is to stay alive until the morning, and ultimately to survive five nights in a row at the pizza establishment.
The gaming series has three games to it with the fourth and last game coming this year on Halloween . So what do you think about the game? Have you played it yourself? When the movie comes out do you want to see it?
i think it's a really cool set of games and can't wait for the fourth one, I would depending on what it's rated as I might be too young to get tickets.
Little side note I have not mentioned any else about the game only what you have to do. If you haven't heard of five nights at freddy's then you might need to google it or see if the comments hold the secrets


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  • I have, it is no way a horror game for people above the age of 5+ the only time I got scared was when my alarm went off (I had ear phones in) that game was sh**


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  • As long as it's a horror movie, I'm up for seeing it.

    • I would say it would be cause the games are horrors. Have you played any of them before?

    • Nope, and I don't think I will anytime soon to be honest.