How do you deal with friends who bail on plans?

Lets say you had an extra festival ticket. Your friend asked to save one for him/her and assured you that he will pay you $ on the day of the event. Your friend never showed up. I managed to sell it for 1/2 price.

Would you make your friend pay for the ticket?


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  • I drop people like that out of my life. Friends don't do stuff like that.

    • Yep, i agree.. that is not a quality friend to keep around.

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    • Well, unless he signed a contract with you, legally you have no recourse to make him pay. All you can do is ask or tell him how you lost money because he flaked. Depends on how confrontational you like to get. Personally it isn't worth it. Not worth the time and chasing and possibly leading to a fight or something.

    • Well I learned a lesson. To charge people in advance. No money no honey lol. Im still gonna tell him that it was not cool and I lost money because of his actions

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  • I wouldn't make them pay me back but I also wouldn't pre buy tickets for them anymore in the future


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  • I would ask them for what you lost on the ticket

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