**EASY MHO HERE** Is the WORLD BANK considered a "reputable" author?

I am doing an assignment for a Library course, and essentially, after we find a book, we are suppose to basically write all these things down, Authority being one of them; i. e. proving they are reputable... which seems kind of impossible, because the WORLD BANK is not necessarily ONE person... Which seems difficult to asses... not to mention the WORLD BANK site let me the fuck down with a glitchy website... so convenietly, the page that is suppose to contain all this information isn't working... can someone help me out, or copy and paste the information from the website? EASY MHO here!


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  • There are a lot of publications from the world bank. Which book or publication do you want to reference?

    For example:

    Reforming Civil Service in Sierra Leone Through Collective Leadership
    Improved capacity of Sierra Leone's civil service is critical to deliver services for citizens.
    Topic : Governance
    Approach : Capacity Development and Results
    Author : WBI Capacity Development and Results Practice

    • Gender and Development in the Middle East and North Africa : Women in the Public Sphere is the book I'm looking at.

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    • But it would be best to use "World Bank. 2004. Gender and Development in the Middle East and North Africa : Women in the Public Sphere. Washington, DC. © World Bank." if you're going for a citation.

    • Technically, World bank would be an author as they are an organization.

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  • is this da site u r talkin bout?


  • This was not easy at all since my brain is not functioning properly today

    • Easy in the sense that if it is just my computer, someone could go on the site, and look at the WORLD BANK AUTHOR information, and just copy and paste it.

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