Does he have feelings for me?

I dont know if this guy just wants to get in my pants or if he actually has feelings for me or what is going on.

He is my coworker. When he started working with us he told me i was pretty hot. I'm kind of awkward so i didn't know how to react to that. i liked him but i didn't want him to just use me so i was wary about him. He started teasing me a lot, and he would get really close to me and he started to get touchy. he would even tell me he loved me. one day when we hung out outside with other coworkers and we ended up getting drunk and hugging a lot. he held me and did not want to let go and stuff.

after that i pretended like i didn't remember anything. he seemed a bit bothered by that. things just werent the same anymore. we would talk more some day and somedays we wouldn't even see eachother. he asked me if i missed him. i jokingly said no but i think he took it seriously. he eventuallly got a girlfriend. i felt so bad at first but i ended up gettting over it.

so i moved on. i thought he just wasn't into me. i thought he was really into this girl. they've been together for a few months now and they seem so happy. i dont want to intervene. but i've noticed that when im talking to the other guys at work, he'll come over and try to hug me and such. lately, everytime i post something on snapchat, he sees it right away. and he has randomly texted me a few times. usually about work things but some of those things he should know. I don't know why he would ask me. he's been with the company longer than i have.

the guy is strange. I don't know why he's trying to talk to me more than usual if he's happy with his girlfriend. i thought i was friendzoned now?


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  • If he has a girlfriend - It is probably better for you to keep back out of it.

    • Thanks for MHG

    • no problem. you were right. she seems kind of off, but its none of my business.
      im doing my own thing and i am happier this way.

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  • Yeah he does.

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