Euthanasia - what are peoples views on this?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately and it is a very challenging subject. Should someone have the right when very sick or in capable of living "normally" to ask to die so they dont have to suffer no more? Or is it wrong?

Yes? No? Im not sure?

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Adding to this i was speaking to someone the other day, if euthanasia became legal would people take advantage of it and just get rid of people they dont want around anymore?


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  • I'm a pediatric nurse, so I work with kids, not adults.

    I work with a lot of children who have genetic conditions, metabolic conditions, severe cerebral palsy or other brain injuries, etc. Many of these kids have a very low quality of life. They cannot talk, eat (they're fed through a tube), walk, some barely even move their bodies on their own. Some have uncontrolled seizures, some are in a lot of physical pain. Some have respiratory issues, many are frequently hospitalized for aspiration pneumonia (basically, food ends up in their lungs from reflux or vomiting and they end up with a bad infection). And so on.

    Some parents choose to make their children "DNR" (do not resuscitate), which means that if their child were to go into severe cardiorespiratory distress or arrest, we wouldn't perform CPR or other invasive life-saving interventions. They understand that their children have a poor quality of life and that prolonging their lives is not necessarily the best or most compassionate thing to do.

    Sometimes these children get even sicker than they already are. They may require even more extreme interventions to keep them alive. Sometimes their parents decide, instead of escalating and prolonging their lives and suffering, that the child be made "palliative". The child will die, and the aim of palliative care is to keep them comfortable in the end stage of life.

    Palliative care may involve withdrawing life-prolonging care. This can include no longer feeding the child or providing them with IV fluids.

    We essentially starve and dehydrate children to death, while trying to keep them comfortable with pain medications like morphine. I've had patients live for weeks like this before finally passing away.

    You know what I think that is? It's cruel.

    I don't think the parents are cruel for making that decision though, I think it's cruel that we don't have the option to allow the family to say their goodbyes, and to give the child a dose of medication that will allow them to die peacefully and pain-free, surrounded by their family.

    The last patient that I had who passed away in this manner... well, his mom wasn't even by his bedside when he finally died. She was out running an errand. When the process takes two weeks, you might have to leave the hospital to do something at some point., and that's what happened in this case.

    When people talk about euthanasia, they don't talk about the pediatric population. I'm sure its way more controversial for people

    • than euthanasia for adults is. I think its probably too awful for a lot of people to even think about.

      And I can understand why it's controversial. That said, seeing what children may have to go through makes me feel like... why on earth would we force adults to go through this, when they are, well, adults, capable of making their own decisions. If an adult has, say, terminal cancer, and is already suffering, and it's just getting worse... why shouldn't they be allowed to make the decision of when and how they die, allowing them to die with as much dignity and as little pain as possible?

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    • Yeah i understand both sides of it. I think sometimes the best decisions aren't always the ones that you like. But after reading your opinion here im unsure how id react if it was someone i was close to. Part of you might be thinking they may get better cause these things can and do happen. I think if you were in that situation your views could change. And same with me..

    • That's actually a part of it that I never even considered, i'm glad you brought that to my attention and others as well.

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  • I don't think it's wrong. If I'm terminally ill and in lots of pain I'd much rather be put to rest than suffer for God knows how long. My mom said if she gets terminally ill I must put a pillow over her head 0_o

  • Before I would have said no but when I saw how much my grandma suffered before she died - I decided its better you allow them to die sooner if they are intense pain.

  • Id just take morphine shots instead of being in bed forever. Its like living in prison.

  • If you want to do that it's fine. Especially in cases where an illness is painful.

    • Yeah some people may not have the same views though but i spoke to my mum about it and she said its up to you what you do

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    • Sorry I meant choice

    • Oh right. Its all good haha

  • Everyone should have control over their own life. If they want that to mean death, is unfortunant fir everyone around then, but they should get to make that decision

    • Yeah i see what you're saying. Its a tough subject

    • It is. Someone causing their own death is a hard pill to swallow, but you get over it for the most part. We can't control.. anything really. So shouldn't we at least get say when we die? I don't know Its selfish wither way. But I think it's more selfish for people to make them stay

    • Its selfish in both ways i think but you're right.

      I've always stated what i would like to happen if i got to that state

  • I fully support it, it's called physician assisted suicide, you can look it up. People are fighting for the right to do it in all states but it's only legal in a couple I think.

    My grandmother died from cancer and she was bed ridden for months up until she died, she was out of it off and on, she got bed sores, had catheters put in, had to be doped up on morphine, quit eating, she had to drink to survive. I would have given anything for something like that to be legal during that time.

    • I've always said if im incapable of eating and, going to the bathroom and generally can't do things by myself then id like to be shot in the head. Just saying it how it is. I dont think anyone should have to look after me when im in that position

    • I'm the same way, there comes a point where common sense is needed and when someone is obviously suffering, it's not inhumane to want to end that at all. I took care of her for years before she died but those last months were such a horrible experience, it's awful to watch someone you love just suffer and be kept alive because it's illegal to do anything about it and knowing their just going to die at the end of it all regardless. I really don't think the people who oppose that law have actually had that experience because if they have, then there's no way in the world they would choose suffering instead of giving that person and their family the option to end it.

    • Nah i agree. No one should have to see that watching someone they love go through so much pain. I think people need to be given that choice.

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  • I agree with it as mercy killing.

    • Yeah its interesting. I will never want to be in the state where i can't do things for myself and someone else has to do it for me.

  • Where do I sign up?

    You wouldn't be able to euthanise other people, it would be voluntary.

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