Which should be the new term for when an accidental monster turns on its creator? Trumping it or Wahhabing it?

Here is the context. In the upcoming US elections, it's starting to look like the Republican party is going to have to contend against a monster their radical rhetoric created: Donald Trump. The party is afraid of the damage Trump will do to the preferred Republican candidates.

Then there is ISIS in the middle east. This was a monster fed by both rhetoric and wealth of powerful Wahhabists (a sect of Islam) from within Saudi Arabia. Now it's starting to look like there is a barbarian at the gates of Saudi Arabia, and its name is ISIS.

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  • Trumping it, Donald Trumped
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  • Wahhabing it, Wahhabied
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  • What about Tea partying?

    • I don't see how that applies. The TP bolstered interest in GOP candidates. They made people fool themselves into thinking they were voting for a non-republican.

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  • I think Trump shot himself in the foot and is unelectable now

  • A sounds awesome
    B is kinda lame

  • Skynet, Skynetting? Skynetted?

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