I am confused about my sexuality?

Lately I been so confused about my sexuality. Since I could remember I always like to play with cars, guns, etc. I always thought I was a tomboy. But with the time I stared to see many things gapping at me like when we is to play the house when I was little I always like to be the dad I didn't understand why. I respect the gay community and marriage. I come from a Christian family and I am scred what they going to think about me. I have boyfriends but every time that we kiss I never felt nothing. But when it came to my best friend was different I felt something that I could not explain why this felling coming to me. I always yeti tell my self I am crazy I am straight but lately. I don't know what is going one with me my parents don't like to hear about the gay community they thing that something bad but know that I could be also in the community scared me to death because I don't want to feel that I am letting them down. i see girls attractive but guys no the same us to. I always thought those feeling were buried down but it looks like no you can buried nothing down because it always going to come out.

So if someone read this can you please help me that me everything to me to try to figure out what is going own with me?


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  • Maybe you're a transgender