Metal Gears V ground zeroes question?

I'm so confused. I just got the game recycle at EB Game. I played and finished the first mission where I had to rescure Paz and Chico.

After a few cut scenes Paz sacrifices her self blowing her self up. Then the credits roll.

A blank black screen rolled up after a a bunch of dates and narration scrolled down the screen. I had to reset my PS4.

At the beginning of the main menu when I click the mission list, all I see is? on them and are unable to play.

I press continue and the cut scene of Paz and Chico are seen again which lead to the credits again and being unable to play any of the missions

Is anyone familiar with this problem? Did I do something wrong?


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  • Contact services!


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  • maybe yer game might have some problem bro... although it might've been damaged anyway... does yer disc have any marks?