Do you think its right the police did this?

So, Obviously with the other day, Some radical muslim scum went and massacred dozens of europeans in Tunisia (The majority of which were British / 30 People).
And, There is a Muslim hate preacher in the UK called ''anjem choudary'' and this guy is extremely infamous for hating Britain, invovled in the murder of Lee Rigby, Supports 9/11, Supports ISIS.

So, There was a big backlash on this guy today because he was talking about how the incident in Tunisia was 'Justified', And needless to say a lot of Brits want this guy hanged already, So, The police took him and his family under protection and relocated them.
Do you think its right they should have done that? Considering how much he hates Britain and wants it to become an Islamic state?

  • Yes, It's fair they should have taken him into protection.
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  • I've read the article. First of all, I think Great Britain would be much better off if it left the EU and would work with the US, Australia and New Zealand.
    (Germany should work with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, these regions are very strong economically speaking in continental Europe - (No French allowed though: Strange habits and pussies) )

    Anjem Choudary should be deported , just like Pierre Vogel from Germany , they're the same kind. It will however be difficult to deport citizens. Nonetheless, it'd be possible to make a secret arrangement with a country like North Korea to let them send a few "special agents" and abduct both extremists to NK and let them disappear in one of their labor camps. I think all tax payers will gladly pay for their deportation ^^


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  • Britain is too soft on those people, your government is stupid. Giving state protection to a guy saying the terrorist murder of britains is justified is just soft and stupid.

    • Mhmm, Whats worse, The government actually pays for his house and gives him bennefit money to pay for his family and stuff.
      He actually gets paid to live here and make threats to us. he's scum.

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    • Damn. Could you imagine if the US did the same too? We're already a suckish country as it is, but at least we don't fuck around when it comes to terrorists. While you guys in the UK protect and pay terrorists, we torture the fuck out of them XD

    • I don't think Europeans are a problem, as Europeans are mostly civilized and similar to each other. It's the European human rights that mean you can't kick people out when you need to and the general attitude that you owe people and shelter them even if they clearly are against a western way of life.

  • It's not right.


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  • It is a very hard call but to not protect him invites vigilantism. Vigilantism is only perfect if you get right guy. What happens if an atrocity happens in UK are all opinonated muslims fair game and whatabout the muslims who live near them who may be mistaken for opinonated muslims.

    • I get what your saying, But this man, Choudary, performs in almost daily public rallies and stuff about how he wants Sharia law in the UK (What ISIS are current doing), He has also said multiple times he supports the actions of the 9/11 attacks and wants ISIS terror attacks to happen in the UK as he believes they will enforce 'Sharia law' here.
      This is not a case of ''the wrong guy'', This guy makes his opinions public and is one of the most hated figures in Europe . So it seems stupid how he gets protected by our government, who he hates and wants to see destroyed.
      Its like protecting a school bully who beats you up, its stupid xD

  • It's good that they protected his family, since they didn't do anything wrong, but they should've left that shithead to die.

    • These types of things are what the US actually does RIGHT. We don't tolerate terrorists one bit. The minute you're suspected of terrorism here, the government will do everything it can to find you. And once they find you, you're fucking done. There's a reason why terrorists from other countries never flee to the US without first hiding themselves from official records and changing their names.

  • I'm from the UK too, so I know who Anjem Choudary is and hearing him makes my blood heat up...

    Simple answer is no, he definitely should not be protected and I do not understand why he hasn't ever been imprisoned for his hate crimes either? It's very sad how our law defends that fool during his speeches and EDL members (No, I do not support the EDL) who speak out against Anjem Choudary and other Islamic extremists are immediately attacked and arrested by the police, which is not fair at all.

    • Its bulshit, They are aloud to talk shit about us, Yet if we say anything back, we get branded racists and islamaphobes, Its fucking stupid. If they hate Britain so much why dont they just piss off back to their little desert villages and be as evil as they want right?
      And yeah, Groups like 'Britain First' piss me off too, Whilst i hate all these Radical muslims, Britain first ain't much better :/.

    • I never thought I'd say this, but you guys should do what the US does when it comes to terrorists: Torture the hell out of them, not shelter them.

    • @Riggers
      Agreed. But we have to understand that the majority of British Muslims do not agree with Anjem Choudary. But yes, I really hate that double standard... I really disagree with immigrants coming here and claimin benefits and not taking their time to learn our language and the way our society works.

      That's what us British want to see, but unfortunately, our government has always been way too far up terrorists' arses...

  • Lets go lynch him I got the rope right here

  • Absolutely not

  • That's just cultural enrichment. They just shared a bit of their culture with tourists.
    I thought Europeans (inc. Britons) are tolerant and not only got used to it, I expected them to embrace it, no?

  • I question why he hasn't been deported already.

    • I suppose "exiled" would be a more appropriate term, given that he was born in the UK.

    • Britain is in the EU, We cannot deport anyone, We HAVE to take in all this pricks from the middle east.
      Hopefully britain votes to leave the EU in 2016, This is a joke :/.

  • Thats totally unfair