Why does this kid keep looking at me?

He has a girlfriend and he's been with her for like 6 months apparently. I met him a couple months ago in our summer math class. Like once he was talking to this other girl and I looked towards their direction and he was looking at me. Sometimes when he's talking to his friend he looks over at me for a second? I don't know why.. ? And I see him looking at me when I walk by his seat. Also when he participates in discussions he would sometimes look at me after he is done talking. I didn't notice it until recently but he looks at me pretty often... We are going to be seniors in high school next year.

  • He thinks you're pretty
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  • He's interested in you
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  • He thinks you're funny looking
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What Guys Said 3

  • He might think you are pretty and like to get a quick glance at you

  • if he thought you were weird/funny-looking, it would've stopped after a few weeks - side note, i meant to put 'he thinks you're pretty'

  • Because he has eyes.


What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe a friend or acquaintance of his knows you and said something about you.
    Maybe someone he knows hates you.
    Maybe one of his friends likes you.
    Lots of possibilities.

    • Yeah that's true this was a pointless question haha

  • he likes you.

    • He has a girlfriend though