Has anyone been to Martha's Vineyard?

Hii. So we go to Martha's Vineyard every summer!! And this is the first summer we never went because the owner of one of the cottages we would rent out for 1-2 weeks when we came up there didn't allow us to come back because he was complaining about some mess we made? Like bs, my family is super clean! (Other than my dad) and the deal breaker for the guy was that we had crumbs in the couch? Um ok?
Soo, I miss it like SOOO much and I can't live w/o seeing my precious vineyard at least once a year! :-(
Ik i'm only 15 but when i'm older I plan on moving there.
So just some questions to anyone who has been there:
We only go in the summer, so i've never seen winters there, but it must be dreadful as most winters are in the north east. I was born in Connecticut and we had to move bc it was too cold there in the winter.
What is there to do in the winter? Like, thats the only real deal breaker for me. I'm in love with summers there, but i'm not sure if I can handle the winters.
And, will I run out of stuff to do? Its an island on the atlantic ocean south of cape cod and right off the coast of massachusetts!
What my plan when i'm older, if it successfully happens, is i'll move there with my future husband, have kids and raise them there until they're older than we can move back somewhere nice to the mainland.
They'll have that memory of the old cozy house they were raised in, in their once again small cozy village on the island of marthas vineyard, and I feel like that will create a golden childhood for them.
So can any of you give me info on marthas vineyard and what to do, how to survive winters, etc.
Thanks, means a lot.


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  • it is awesome!

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