What do you guys think about my poem and why?

I can easily prove that I love you more
I’ve never backed down or backed off
And that’s why my heart is sored
I want to be with you and that is all

You are confused and so am I
Where shall we go?
Hurry up, we don’t have much time
There will always be a good and a bad road

We shall choose wisely
Whether we want tears or smiles
In one they will be lies and another one will be honesty
Hold my hand and we’ll travel miles

Ask God if you want
I dream my life with you
And I am not another one
Imagine what we can do

I respect that you are mad
I respect you that you forgot me
I respect that I am not your man
And I respect that you are happy

I hope this isn’t a goodbye
And I hope this isn’t done
I hope we can fly
And also make love


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  • It's simple, and nice. It's not obnoxiously over-complicated, which is good. I was thrown off by the rhyme scheme; not so sure if you were trying to rhyme or not, and that's why I had difficulty reading it. It's cute.

  • Its awesome congrats :) keep making poetry! You should make it a habitual hobby its admiring since most guys dont often write no more ;)


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