Getting half of what Solicitor said I would approximately receive after property transfer?

I just recently did a transfer with a property of mine. The settlement was today. It all went through.

My solicitor gave me an estimated amount of what I would receive once my property had been paid off with the sale but only got half of what they estimated.

Have I missed something?

I have only had the property for over a year. Surely early exit fees are not that much.


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  • Something is wrong. Did you do this through a proper escrow/title company?
    If you did, call them (not the Solicitor).

    • Yes I did. The company I went with have been around for years.

      I emailed them as soon as I realised the amount I got back did not look right. Even sent a picture of a copy of the letter in the email stating of them stating the amount I was approximately supposed to get. Just to remind them that they themselves, told me I was going to get around that amount not half of it. Not unless I got the meaning of approximately wrong.

      Not sure what went wrong. Now have to wait until tomorrow to see what the deal is there.

      Keep wondering what happened.

    • Looks like the rest of the amount came into my Account.

      One lot was under Cheque Deposit and the second lot under Loan Proceeds.

      Have the full amount now. So relieved.

      That explains that.

    • Whew!

      I'm glad that worked out for you. I hope my answer was helpful in some way, but I'm sure you would of called them anyway haha.

      Grats on your realestate deal!

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