Did he indirectly ask me out or are we just going to the movies as platonic friends?

On the last day of school we were texting and out of the blue he asks me if we want to watch a movie together. Then he added that it wouldn't be a date and that he just wanted to do something with a friend. He's pretty shy so I don't blame him for asking over IM but I don't know if he's serious about it not being a date! We chose to see Jurassic World (I'm terrified of dinosaurs - which he now knows), and nobody else is coming with us.. Nor did he mention inviting anyone else. We talk a lot online, and shyly at school if there's free time. He offers to help me with stuff if he sees I'm stuck but I think he's just a nice person? Perhaps when he first asked me my reaction embarrassed him so now he's just playing his cool because he unintentionally got friend-zoned? I said: "for a second i was like 'whaaaaaaat' but yeah, i do" I'm sorry if this is filled with unnecessary details and stuff but we're going tomorrow night and I kinda like him and I don't know if we should like hold hands or something? He's tricky because he also calls me "dude" or says "yo" but also calls me by my name.. Omg I suck at life. (both 16 btw)

UPDATE: Last night I asked him what our intentions were for the movie and he said as friends but I guess it seemed like I was still uncomfortable about everything when we talked again today. This was because we just turned 16 so we still have our parents or others drive us and I didn't have a ride to the movie so he offered for his dad to pick me up but I declined and added that the last time we did it it was really awkward (and I may have hurt his feelings.. I'm not sure).
So then he texts me about inviting a few of our other friends which bums me out so I said "idk" and he took it as a yes so now we're all going. My closest friends say it's probably a cover up since I found out about his indirect date proposal (yes, fancy words). I just really don't know what we are and what to do!!!
Also, I talked to him about it and he seemed different (it was online) and kept saying it was fine and that the more "school people" there are, the better.
What's going on? Sorry


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  • I think the fact that he said it would just be as friends means that it would just be as friends but who knows? guys usually mean exactly what they said if they say something along those lines