Would you agree with this statement?

"The cost of living in a free society is tolerating disagreement."

The First Amendment forbids the government to restrict free speech - this question is about the conduct of everyday citizens. Just because, legally, you *can* protest outside your neighbor's house and put pressure on the company he works for to fire him for holding an opinion you disagree with, doesn't mean you *should.*

So with that being said, the question bears repeating: do you believe that tolerating and protecting speech that makes your blood boil is a price worth paying to live in a free society?


  • I may disagree vehemently with what you say, but I defend your right to say it.
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  • You aren't protected from the consequences of what you say... and I'll nudge those consequences along if I find it particularly disagreeable.
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  • Sorry. There is no room in our society for ________.
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  • I think I am option B - I don't want to live in a society where someone can stand up and say it is perfectly alright to have sex with children.

    • I understand. I think it's a testament to the American character that nobody has plowed a car through the Westboro Baptists while they're out picketing the latest funeral.

      That said, that's a tricky line to draw. The example I offhandedly referenced in the question was Brendan Eich. Made a private donation in support of Prop 8, someone at the IRS leaked the donor list to a left-wing activist group, leading to the protests and subsequent unemployment. I honestly think the ever-present fear of being labeled a racist and getting fired (or worse) for pissing off the wrong person is a big reason we haven't had the "honest discussion on race" some are clamoring for.

      It boils down to this: Do you truly have political freedom if you're risking your livelihood to exercise it? For the system to work, there needs to be a degree of live-and-let-live when confronted with opinions we disagree with.

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  • Democracy is not for whimps or lazy people. You don't always get what you want... or hear what you want.

  • Exactly!!!

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