For the comic fans, Avengers membership?

Ok so this is a question for the comic book fans like myself. Now that Spidy is joining the MCU and the Avengers later on, that raises another question.

What is the qualification to join the avengers?

Im not saying Spidy doesn't deserve to be on the team, if anyone does its him, I'm asking if there are requirements needed to join.


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  • I honestly am a bit confused about that since he does usually work alone. But in the comic the amazing Spider-Man renew your vows kind of let's you know why he's there

    • Yeah Spidy's a loner that's a given, but in the comics he's been a part of the New Avengers back in the late 1990's. And even he wasn't all too excited because he knew he was a loner.

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  • I hate marvel but i don't think spidy should join them too sissy