80s music poll: Favorite album by James Taylor Quartet/Dislocation Dance?

JTQ were a jazz-funk band pretty similar wid Level 42, but they lacked “sth” Level 42 had…can’t x-plain wot it is…but they didn’t have this thing. Didn’t like much any of their albums tbh.

Dislocation Dance were an indie-pop band dat had a minor hit during 80s wid their song Rosemary. Their album “Midnight Shift” were one of da good indie-pop albums of this era, like “Pacific Street” from Pale Fountains and “Trapped & Unwrapped” by Friends Again :D

  • Mission: Impossible (JTQ)
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  • The Money Spyder (JTQ)
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  • Wait A Minute (JTQ)
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  • Get Organized (JTQ)
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  • Slip That Disc (Dislocation Dance)
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  • Music Music Music (Dislocation Dance)
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  • Midnight Shift (Dislocation Dance)
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  • I tried listening to them all on youtube. I usually listen to rock and metal so this music was different for me.
    But no Starsky and Hutch theme song?

    Wait a Minute was my favorite. Reminded me of stuff we played in high school jazz band.


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