What does it mean if a girl's boyfriend does this?

HE pretends to people that he's cheating on her with another girl. He Claims (to his friends) that he and this other girl have been hooking up when it's not true. He never actually cheated on his girlfriend. He's lying to his friends about having been with the other girl.

  • He is more proud to be seen with the other girl
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  • He is more proud to be seen with his girlfriend
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  • He thinks that other girl is prettier
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  • He thinks his girlfriend is prettier
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  • He is trying to look desirable and show off by having multiple partners to his friends.

  • He seems to be a jerk who is trying to big himself up among his friends

  • He doesn't really love his girlfriend, if he did he wouldn't do this.

  • If it's not true then he thinks cheating is cool and will cheat on you first opportunity he gets. You shouldn't rule it out if he brags about it though, he might be cheating.


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